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Sharngadhara Samhitha
"From 16 palam to 100 palam water and fresh raw materials should be taken twice the quantity that mentioned in Yogas.  From  100palam  onwards  no need to add double quantity."
    Interpretation of this sloka by different companies is different. Most companies take double quantity of water, oil etc. As a result proportion of raw materials  in the medicine will reduce to half. In this case patients are forced to take double quantity of medicine as compared to medicines prepared according to the standardized measurements mentioned in Ayurvedic Formulary of India.
    At Aver Dynam Herbals medicines are manufactured in accordance to the standardized measurements mentioned in Ayurvedic Formulary of  India. Purchase, Storage and distribution of  raw materials undergo strict quality controls. There is no compromise on quality in the preparation and storage of  medicines 
Sharngadhara Samhitha 
"Except Embelia ribes, Piper longum, Jaggery,  Coriander, Ghee and Honey all raw materials should be fresh."
    In Aver Dynam Herbals fresh raw materials are being collected from cultivating areas. Collected raw materials are stored in a Raw material quarantine section. Only after washing and drying are they sent to the Approved Raw materials store. Raw materials for each medicine are taken only from the approved raw materials store.
In Samhithas there are clear description about  following  factors:
  •   Time and place for collection of raw materials.
  •   Who should collect the raw materials.
  •   Time taken to prepare each medicine.
  •   Temperature to be maintained in the preparation of each  medicine.
  •   Choice of open/closed vessels in preparation of these medicines
  •   Type of vessel to be utilised for the preparation of each medicine.
  •   Qualities of storage vessels for each type of finished goods.
  •   Qualities of  finished goods store.
    There are more than a thousand ayurvedic companies working out of Kerala and over 380 of them have the GMP(Good manufacturing practices) certification.However it is usual for organisations to be quite lax in keeping to the prescribed practices.
    A number of companies are manufacturing medicines using boilers. In boilers temperature can be increased upto 250* C. Most  companies are using the maximum temperature to prepare medicines so as to reduce the time consumed for preparation of these medicines. Most of the active components of the raw materials escape in this case as the optimum temperature is not maintained. At Aver Dynam Herbals maximum temperature used for the production of  medicines is restricted to 175*C and the above situation is avoided.